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With a personalized approach to fine art photography + cinema, we provide unique story-telling imagery to best preserve your most cherished memories naturally & beautifully.


We're Makayla & Dave Harris - photographers + cinematographers, upstate New York residents, proud parents of two, frequent world travelers, and believers in the importance of both making memories and preserving them forever

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5 Tips for Business Success

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In the spirit of continuous improvement, often times we are so busy focusing on how we can do things better in our business that we fail to reflect on how far we’ve come.    It’s easy for anyone to get caught up in long to-do lists, not enough time in the day, and “how many […]

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When it comes to social events, our small town is like a scene from the #realhousewives and while I’m the biggest fan of dramatic television, as a busy business owner, it’s important to know when the 4 hour lunch dates and nightly mixers are starting to affect your business.  More importantly, how & when to […]

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We met up with the sweetest stylist in town, Randi of Styled by Randi to give her a little refresh in her brand photography. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous accessory pairings she laid out for us. I don’t know about you but I’m totally ready to go shopping now! Find out […]

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Samantha Nass is a distinguished florist in our hometown of Saratoga Springs known for her delicate designs and provincial romantic approach to modern day bridal trends. I adored shadowing her gracefully select pairings of florals in her brightly lit studio that smelled of succulents and botanicals. It was pure heaven. Any chance I have to spend […]

The Fine Art Album

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Our fine art album is the ultimate heirloom to hold your very first family story, the beginning. It combines the classic elegance of hand-matted images, with the striking modern look of full-bleed pages. This premium handcrafted album combining both matted and flush pages. The Fine Art Album has an unparalleled quality in presentation and art. […]

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We’ve all been there; bogged down by an endless stream of emails. The question is what can you do about it? And the answer is: Email Templates. Using E-mail Templates to increase productivity and improve client experience will make your life much easier! We use email templates in a few ways: 1. Introducing ourselves, our, process, […]

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5 Ways to Reach Your Ideal Client Bringing in Better Leads and Booking your Dream Clients 1. Define them, find them, learn their language, speak directly to them.   Chances are, if you haven’t developed a precise idea of who you want to serve, you’re totally missing the mark on how to use your brand voice […]

Competition as a Creative

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Competition?  Creativity?  Community?  How does it all blend together?  How do I survive in an idea-sharing world without getting burnt out?! Have you ever felt so excited and passionate about a project you were working on, just to find out a week later someone in your market copied the whole dang thing, and just posted it […]


“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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