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Aimee & Brian | Canfield Casino Celebration

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Aimee & Brian | Canfield Casino Celebration

November 22, 2018

Fall 2010, it was a cold, dreary night at Albany College of Pharmacy and a curious Aimee roamed the halls looking for a warm room to study in. It was on that fateful night she stumbled upon the study room claimed by Brian and his roommate. After inviting herself into the study room and by his side, she decided that would be the perfect place to remain. So, she invited herself into his heart (so cute).

Their final year of school, Brian and Aimee were faced with the daunting task of a long distance relationship as the couple completed their rotations. After graduation, this couple obtained retail jobs in their respective local areas. To keep the spark alive, they would meet once a month in the southern tier or capital district regions of New York, often in romantic locations such as Saratoga Springs.

After almost two years of long distance, finally, the two of them were offered an opportunity to be together when Brian accepted a job in the Rochester area. When the time finally came for Brian to propose to Aimee, he was left with the impossible task to create the perfect proposal. The first ingredient to this concoction would be to create the perfect ring, the one ring to rule them all… if you will.

And so after countless hours of researching tomes of literature about diamonds, bands, jewelers, and settings the one ring was fashioned and ready for her hand. Now, the more difficult task was before Brian, how to create the situation for the proposal. After being sabotaged four times (unknowingly of course) by Aimee, Brian was able to create the romantic atmosphere for the proposal.

On a trip to visit Aimee’s former college roommate in Lake George, on a dock overlooking the sunset of the pristine lake, Brian got down on one knee to profess his love and ask for Aimee’s hand in marriage.

Awestruck and delighted, Aimee was unable to refuse the perfect proposal and so these two lovebirds became betrothed. They were SO happy to have gotten married at one of the romantic destinations that they have frequented in the historic Saratoga Springs area (we know, it’s quite lovely here!).


The Harris Company | Canfield Casino

 Wedding from The Harris Company on Vimeo.



“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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