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Biggest Wedding Day Regrets!| Don’t make these mistakes

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Biggest Wedding Day Regrets!| Don’t make these mistakes

July 15, 2019

We took to the most reliable poll source… (Facebook;)) to ask our married friends what their biggest wedding day regrets or mistakes were. We were overwhelmed with the traffic of conversation this topic brought about! We decided to organize these ideas to help out all of our engaged or soon to be married friends out there!

The day we get married is supposed to be one the happiest day thus far of our lives. You’ve got that diamond ring, the beautiful gown. It’s your time to shine! Well, not exactly. Since we are little girls we are conditioned to have this idea in our mind of the picturesque fairytale wedding day, easy breezy. While that is not realistic, stay tuned to hear the advice from our veteran married friends on things they wish they could have done differently. Here are our top 5 wedding day regrets….

  1. The number one wedding day regret from our poll was not hiring a videographer. Video documentation of your wedding day captures the emotions and moments that print photography cannot provide. When you have a video to remember your wedding day, it’s like reliving the day all over again. All the seconds from the teary vows to the dancing the night away on the dance floor. Having all those memories captured to revisit for years to come. Videos will not just serve special for you and your significant other, but more importantly to share with your future legacy of children and grandchildren.

2. A wedding day is stressful. You’ve been probably planning for over a year, every detail in accordance. In a snap of a finger, it’s here! All that planning and building up anticipation is.. did you remember to eat that $50 Prime rib you had to have for your guests?.. Or were you running on fumes trying to say hello to your mom’s sisters, daughter’s cousin? Our next wedding day regret is inviting guests that you felt no personal connection to and not taking the time to enjoy the day for yourself and your partner. Weddings are a big event for the whole family. None the less, It’s still your wedding day, take the time to eat the cake.

3. Not having a first look. The first look is primarily designated to let you see your bride or groom all dressed and ready before the guests have arrived. That built up anticipation and nerves can then settle once this moment has passed. This is also a great opportunity to get private photographs together before the wedding ceremony allowing you to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests. Meghan B. said it took so long to get all the photographs during her cocktail hour she felt completely rushed and didn’t have any private time with her husband.

3. Not Researching and hiring a wedding photographer that suits your personal style. In today’s generation, its pretty standard to hire a photographer for your wedding day. However, photography is an art and carry varying degrees of styles and composition. Make sure that your vision is translated well to your photographer so the end product is exactly what you imagine.

4. Doing a receiving line. A receiving line is an old tradition of thanking your guests as you exit your ceremony. The problem with this, however, is it’s long, tiring and basically just unnecessary. Meghan J. chimed in our post saying she wished she did not do a receiving line and only followed through because the pastor of her wedding was insistent. The process of thanking every single guest in a line is a bit redundant. She wished she had spent that time elsewhere like taking candid photos with her guests at the reception.

5. Last but not least, not hiring a wedding coordinator. As mentioned earlier, weddings are hectic and stressful. There are so many details to remember and plan on top of taking control of your normal everyday life. In an attempt to make this day go as easy breezy as possible, having that extra set of professional hands can go a long way.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to sharing your wedding day mistakes/ regrets! Hopefully, these can help any of our soon-to-be-married friends prioritize their wedding day details! We got a lot of laughs, and “oh nos” from this poll. Most importantly, the day of your wedding is a special day to treasure no matter what.



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