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Birch Hill Wedding Photos | Ashley + Cory

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Birch Hill Wedding Photos | Ashley + Cory

September 26, 2016

Ashley and Cory knocked it out of the park for their engagement photos, so we knew their wedding would be nothing less than spectacular.  These two are the type of clients that you end up becoming friends with because no matter what they are always fun, genuine and sweet.  Our favorite part of the day was definitely the first look.  The way Cory reacted to seeing Ashley for the first time was amazing!  Ashley customized every aspect of the day, adding a personalized touch to every element.

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Venue | Birch Hill

Photo &  Video | Alisha & Dave, The Harris Company

Hair & Make-up | Alexandria’s Beauty Salon

Entertainment | Chris Johnston, Love of Music

Cake | Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe



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