Ava & Mariano Engagement Photo Session on the Harbor Walk, Fort Point & South Boston - The Harris Company


Ava & Mariano Engagement Photo Session on the Harbor Walk, Fort Point & South Boston

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Ava & Mariano Engagement Photo Session on the Harbor Walk, Fort Point & South Boston

July 14, 2014

Ava & Mariano met while she was studying abroad in Spain.  They had a flutter of different long distance relationships as each of they travelled and they finally decided to settle down in Boston (for now!)  They are the ultimate power couple.  Mariano is handsome and suave and Ava is gorgeous and knows exactly what she wants.    They love traveling together and will be married in Spain this September!

Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-181417 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-181410p Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-181906 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-184111 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-190614 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-183802 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-185238 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-185057 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-185033p Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-184258 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-184218 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-190946 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-190533 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-191143 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-190623 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-190333 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-190810 Makayla-Jade-Creatives-AM-062414-183932 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-194620 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-194242 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-193109 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-194049 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-200607 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-200228 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-193449 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-200007 Makayla Jade Creatives-AM-062414-195257

I loved all the skyline shots and even though we will miss you guys here in Boston, I hope you take some of these photos with you wherever your next adventure takes you!!

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