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Boston Engagement Photography | Kristine and Bill Jamaica Plain Engagement Session

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Boston Engagement Photography | Kristine and Bill Jamaica Plain Engagement Session

June 21, 2014

Kristine and Bill went to the same high school, but never happened to cross paths.  Bill says Kristine was a twin so pretty much everyone knew who she was.  However Kristine admits, she had never even heard of him!!  After graduating from college, the two met back up at a local party and hit it off.  The first official date was set via facebook and after one dinner together, Bill said he knew she was perfect for him.   With both of them from Troy, NY- I thought for sure we’d be setting up their engagement session back that way.  I was so excited when they said they wanted to come to Boston and even more excited when they suggested Jamaica Plain.    Typically when we have “outta-towners” visit us for a Boston e-session, we get requests for the usual: public garden, fenway park, beacon hill, faneuil hall.  Ever since we moved to JP 4 years ago, I’ve been dying to tote a couple around our very unique, artsy neighborhood.  I adore JP, I was so happy to take them to a few of our favorite spots, and I think the images speak for themselves:

It wouldnt be a JP inspired photo session without a little JP licks 😉

Kristine got my personal favorite, coffee oreo (except I usually smother mine with peanut butter sauce 😮  )

City feed is another cute destination in JP.   Shop local!

Gotta love the street art:

Seriously though, How cute are they?!

Another quintessential spot in JP is the arboretum!  Year round these beautiful gardens are ever changing and you can always find new gorgeous plant live from all over the world.

And because we cant bring a couple into Boston without a few skyline shots, I dragged them to this over pass that I’ve been scoping out for years.  With 4 lanes of speeding traffic, construction, and no sidewalk, its nearly impossible to get there (or at least make it there alive), but we did it!!  Thank you, Kristine and Bill, (and our amazing photo/video crew) for risking your lives so that we could get these shots.

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