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Boston Engagement Session | Barn at Gibbet Hill

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We're Makayla & Dave Harris - photographers + cinematographers, upstate New York residents, proud parents of two, frequent world travelers, and believers in the importance of both making memories and preserving them forever

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Boston Engagement Session | Barn at Gibbet Hill

September 16, 2016

Kerry and Drew are the kind of couple you just want to be around all the time.  They have this fun energy that keeps you laughing and makes you feel relaxed all at the same time.  They are so down to earth, very kind hearted, and hilarious.  I’m pretty sure they didnt stop laughing the entire time we were shooting.  While Drew is more reserved and Kerry is outgoing, she got a little camera shy and had a few nervous giggles at the beginning of our session (who doesnt?!) By the time we wrapped up she was striking poses left and right.  What an unbelievable couple, I cannot wait to share in their day!

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“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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