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Leah & Steve’s Wedding at the Andover Country Club

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Leah & Steve’s Wedding at the Andover Country Club

June 4, 2014

If you dont already know Leah & Steve, you’re definitely missing out, but you can get an idea of how amazing they are by checking out their engagement session (here) and hearing their story.  I wasnt quite sure how we would top the amazingness of their Yankee’s/ Redsox themed session, but their wedding truly blew us away.  We’ve been so blessed to work with some really great couples, but Leah and Steve are the type of people that wont ever leave our hearts as “clients”.  At points in the day I truly felt like I was Steve’s sister (yelling at him to stop posing w. his jacket open) or one of Leah’s bridesmaids (constantly telling her how amazing she looked.  Seriously though, she looked AMAZING!)   The day started out with them getting ready at the country club:

I really loved the bachelorette-party-lipstick-kissy-frame idea!!  Her hair looked awesome, and was done by her bridesmaid and SIL to be, Tara Caruso.

Naturally, their notes made the entire team cry.

Her dress was gorgeous.  

I loved the teal and pink invitations by Samantha Jo Creative, they also did such a great job incorporating these colors into every aspect of the day!

I loved seeing Steve’s face as he opened what I would consider to be the BEST wedding gift ever -a boudoir session by yours truly 😉    The photos however, really dont even do this justice.  I cant wait for the Harris Films team to release the video bc his reaction was truly priceless!

^ I’d say thats a pretty happy man right there!  Way to go, Mrs. Caruso 😉

Wait for it, wait for it… Check out these amazing custom suits by 9 Tailors.  These guys literally got to customize EVERY aspect of these suits, and they looked fly.

^^ signature pose right there ^^…  Then the bride met her dad:

The first look was perfect.  Simply Perfect.

There are very few times a year when I can SEE the love a groom has for his bride in his eyes.  Steve was DEFINITELY one of those grooms.  The entire day he had this ear-to-ear smile and some sort of sparkle to his eyes that makes what I do so worth it.  I love witnessing people this much in love, theres truly nothing like it.

Did I go a little overboard??  I’m sorry, I really cant get enough of their bridal portraits.  One more?

That is one handsome fella if I do say so myself:

Leah truly shined.  So beautiful.

Check out that gaze!  Seriously?!?! No wonder he loved the boudoir photos so much 😉

My personal fav’ right here:

Work it girl.

Squeezy cheeks:

Small little bunch, but definitely one of the best bridal parties I’ve ever worked with!

Sweet Socks and beautiful florals (thanks to Petals Inc)

I think this woman said one thing to me, and it was in italian so I have no clue what she said, but I love her.  On a side note, their limo driver was super early and so professional, check out Exclusive Limo

Waiting on his bride.  It was so cute.  He was a “little” nervous.

Mr. & Mrs. Caruso Ladies and Gentlemen…

Like I said, every detail was planned perfectly.

Vic was the man.

and DJ James DiNanno killed it all night.

So they had this choreographed line dance after intros and the crowd went wild.  I loved it.

I’m not sure what it is but lately these MOH/ BM speeches have been unbelievable.   They were both so great!

HAhaha so at the end of the night I asked them if I could have their rings to do a ring shot, and Steve couldnt get his off 😉


As if this wedding could possibly get ANY BETTER, they treated all their guests to a cigar bar outside.

And thats a wrap folks.   It was a true honor to work with such an amazing couple, and a ton of really awesome vendors on this one.  Big thanks to all the creatives:

Photography & Cinematography  |  Makayla Jade  & Harris Films

Assistant Shooters:  Liz Harvey, James Barrett, & Shane Gavitt

Ceremony | St. Patricks of Lawrence

Venue | Andover Country Club, Coordinator: Tracy

Hair: Tara Caruso

Flowers: Petals

Transportation: Exclusive Limousine

Stationary: Samantha Jo Chapell

DJ: Ivy League Weddings, James DiNanno

Cake: Jami Smith

Lighting: Allstar Entertainment

Dress Designer: Mikaella

Suits: 9 Tailors LLC 

Still looking for more??!!  Have you checked out the same-day-edit video from Harris Films?  Dont miss it:  click here

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