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Classic, Elegant Wedding at the Ritz Carlton | Boston Wedding Photography

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Classic, Elegant Wedding at the Ritz Carlton | Boston Wedding Photography

September 10, 2015

Ali and Dan have been with us since Ali first said “I do!” They are THE sweetest couple and absolutely PERFECT for each other! It was certainly no surprise to us that their wedding was just as epic as their love for one another. The emotional ceremony and ridiculously fun reception was held at the impeccable Ritz Carlton in Boston Common.


Check out their amazing stationary for all of their wedding events, including their Save-the-Dates!

20150822-115740-Hassing The boys enjoyed lunch and drinks across the street before the time came for their wedding prep!20150822-123921-Hassing 20150822-124302-HassingCheers!20150822-124524-Hassing

Meanwhile, back at the Ritz, Ali and the girls were getting their hair and make up done by Lindsay Griffin of Boston Hairstylist + Co., and Dani Wagener.20150822-135753-Hassing20150822-141257-HassingHow incredible is the view from Ali’s room!?20150822-122442-Hassing20150822-123213-HassingEvery girl needs to sparkle on her wedding day; these Jimmy Choos and the detail on Ali’s dress were to die for!blog-20150822-120022-HassingThe girls enjoyed some mimosas and snacks while Ali was caught up in the emotion from the day as she wrote her vows. blog-20150822-130335-HassingThis was so unique and so incredible – 1,909 days; the number of days that Dan and Ali have been together. How insanely sweet and thoughtful. 20150822-131550-HassingThese ladies were looking gorgeous after being pampered and prepped for the big day. Now it was time to get dressed!20150822-143748-Hassing20150822-150553-Hassing The excitement was filling the room as Ali’s mom helped her with the last remaining touches!20150822-150735-Hassing Now it’s time to show the girls! 20150822-151521-HassingYou can’t argue it – this lady looked AMAZING!blog-20150822-164510-HassingAli read Dan’s letter to her as the girls and her mom stood by her side. blog-20150822-152334-Hassing


Ali was about to marry the man of her dreams, but first, she needed to see the first man she ever loved. Ali’s father walked into the room and needed to lean against the wall as he looked at her in her wedding dress.


He read the note she wrote for him and we all watched as his attempts to keep his composure melted. It was absolutely beautiful!20150822-153200-HassingDuring this time, Dan was busy prepping with the had their names and wedding date lined into his suit jacket. 20150822-163026-HassingThe guys finished getting ready while Dan read a letter from Ali and opened his gift. 20150822-142344-Hassing20150822-142325-HassingBefore the start of the ceremony, Dan and Ali wanted a first look. Dan was a mix of excitement and nerves. It was absolutely adorable!20150822-154707-Hassing Ali walked towards him with such grace that she seriously looked angelic. 20150822-155409-Hassing It was no surprise that Dan was blown away at the sight of his beautiful bride and there were tears shed and smiles from ear to ear. 20150822-155446-Hassing

20150822-155813-Hassing20150822-155421-Hassing  The ceremony was off to an adorable start. This sign was the best: “Uncle Dan here comes your Bride.”20150822-184130-Hassing The flowers provided by Spruce Flower were the perfect touch of elegance to this epic wedding. 20150822-185011-Hassing 20150822-190126-Hassing Their vows were sealed with a kiss… 20150822-190420-HassingAnd we headed off into the sunset in Boston Common.20150822-192256-Hassing How amazing do they look?! Look at that veil! 20150822-192325-Hassing 20150822-192700-Hassing The busy city of Boston seemed to come to a halt just for them. 20150822-193043-Hassing 20150822-193324-HassingThe reception was absolutely spot-on. The tables, the lighting, the music…everything was perfection.20150822-200134-Hassing The cake even looked royal.20150822-202625-Hassing The first dance was of course just as beautiful and emotional as the rest of the day. 20150822-203757-Hassing and then the dance floor erupted into this party! 20150822-204642-Hassing 20150822-205000-Hassing We paused the fun for these completely sweet moments. This self-proclaimed daddy’s girl had the entire room sobbing! It was one of the most beautiful father-daughter dances I have seen.20150822-225659-HassingThe tears didn’t stop there. Next was Dan’s dance with his mom.20150822-225933-HassingMore dancing was up next! A kissing game where the bride and groom were asked to replicate kisses performed by guest couples turned into all out hysterics and was so much fun for ALL the guests!20150822-213257-HassingThis photo was purely epic! Such a fun family!  20150822-213631-Hassing And speaking of family, here are Dan and Ali’s extended family – sorority sisters and fraternity brothers from Michigan!20150822-214256-Hassing 20150823-000601-Hassing20150822-232411-HassingThey were so much fun they had everyone showing off their moves.20150822-232316-HassingAli and Dan’s love took over the room. It was a night we will never forget. 20150822-215403-Hassing Thank you and congratulations to them and their families!        20150822-233855-Hassing

Also, we want to thank to incredible, hard working creative team:

Ceremony & Reception |The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common, Ralph Black  

Officiant | Rebecca Bloom

Event Planner | Tangorra Wedding Planning, Linnea Tangorra

Ceremony Music | Anima, Music Manage

DJ | Denise LaCarruba, Music Manage

Florist | Spruce Floral

Hair | Lindsay Griffin, Boston Hairstylist + Co.

Makeup | Dani Wagener, DW Beauty

Linens | Table Toppers (TBC)

Photography + Cinema | The Harris Company



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