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Kate & Sami| Lord Thompson Manor, Connecticut Wedding

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Kate & Sami| Lord Thompson Manor, Connecticut Wedding

June 10, 2019

On May the 4th ( be with you!) Kate and Sami conjoined faiths and became husband and wife surrounded by family. They included a reading from the Bible, and also a reading from the Quran during their ceremony. This served as a gentle reminder that love knows no boundaries. The love Kate and Sami share for one another were so identifiable; they could not stop smiling when they looked at one another. These two were our dream HCo couple- they were so easy going and up for anything!

Kate & Sami initially met and bonded as student health ambassadors at Boston University in their junior year of undergrad. Fate found them together again when a few years later they met up at their favorite crepe shop…. catching up for 3 hours! This was the real deal. As the family can affirm, she is a girl of few words. Kate and Sami met up again and he asked her out on an official date at the Daily Catch in North End Boston. Needless to say, the date went well. ( Talking for several more hours!)

Many years have passed since that first date together and they have conquered all of life’s changes and grown together- including, grad school graduation, med school applications and acceptances, new jobs, new friends, and many new adventures!

On the wedding day morning, we met up with Kate and her bride tribe at the cottage house in Thompson, Connecticut. Meanwhile, the men were polishing up and having some laughs at Lord Thompson’s manor billard room. Kate looked stunning in her white Caroline Castigliano designer dress. This delicate beading on the top piece was removable for when things started heating up on the dance floor! Our favorite part of her look, however, was the veil! Kate had the most beautiful and extravagant veil. We had a lot of fun doing the veil toss, and they were so patient with us 🙂

Every detail for this wedding was gorgeous. From the florals to the table settings, it appeared to be straight out of a magazine. In true LTM fashion, the decor was flawless. Documenting this love story was so much fun. Thank you, Kate & Sami, for letting The Harris company document your special day. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

Kate’s Dad when he saw his daughter gave us all sorts of feels. You could see the pride and joy in his eyes with these happy tears.
The gifts that Kate and Sami exchanged were symbolic to their religion. Sami gave her rosary beads, and a music box. Sami received muslim prayer beads from Kate, and a painting she had custom made illustrating the skyline from their first date.
This desert table deserves an honorable mention! Desserts and sweets hold a near and dear place in Kate and Sami’s heart, so we were not surprised to see that the dessert spread THIS GOOD. The star wars cookies were also super cute, tying into their wedding hashtag!


“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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