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Kelsie & Paul | A Fun Plymouth Extravaganza

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Kelsie & Paul | A Fun Plymouth Extravaganza

November 20, 2018

Paul and Kelsie met during their undergrad at Elmira College in Upstate New York. Paul was a business/marketing major from California living the dream, playing lacrosse and JV hockey. Kelsie was a psychology major from Massachusetts crushing it and playing both soccer and JV hockey. Basically, he was a boy…she was a girl…can we make it any more obvious?

Flashback to 2012! Super Bowl XLVI – New York Giants vs. New England Patriots – February 5th, 2012. Kelsie sits in her dorm room located in Towers 6A screaming at the TV. After a brutally painful game for Pats fans, the Patriots are defeated 21-7. Devastated by the loss, Kelsie was just about to give up hope for any happiness ever again (joking of course!), until a text message from an (805) number lit up her phone. It was the cute lacrosse guy who she had met at a party that weekend.

Not letting this opportunity slip past him, Paul reached out to Kelsie in the hopes she would agree to meet up with him for a drink to drown her sorrows after the loss. After some reassurance from the soccer girls, and quite a few charming text messages later, Kelsie courageously ventured down to Paul’s dorm room in Towers 1A to meet up. One drink and several hours later they were hooked.

It has been six years since that night, the Patriots have won two SuperBowls (but, who’s counting), and Paul is now a die-hard Patriots fan! Back in February of 2017, Paul and Kelsie celebrated their five year anniversary. For a gift, Paul surprised Kelsie with tickets to Ireland – knowing it had been one of her childhood dreams to visit where her family was from. For months they planned and prepared and bought more Patagonia than humanly necessary, and all the while Paul was sneaking off to the jewelers to design the perfect ring.

Finally the day had come! Kelsie and Paul packed their bags and set off for Dublin, Galway and Limerick. Dublin stole their hearts (and their livers) and after exploring the city, it was time to slow things down and take some time out in the countryside in Galway. The second day in Galway was the day they had been looking forward to the entire trip… the Cliffs of Moher. It was a beautiful Irish day…you know…cloudy, rainy and windy as they describe it. The Cliffs were absolutely breathtaking, and this sense of romance filled the air as they took off to explore.

Kelsie and Paul started to head down the right side of Moher, taking in the stunning landscape. They decided to stop in one of the alcoves to take photos and daringly look off the edge into the ocean. As Kelsie walked out to the ledge for an artsy photo, little did she know that behind her Paul was preparing to ask her the biggest question of his life. Out on the edge, with the ocean wind blowing in her face, Kelsie waited with her back turned so that Paul could capture the best photo that would obviously get the most likes on Instagram. As she turned around, she found Paul down on one knee with the most gorgeous diamond ring in his hand!

There was no speech, no sappy monologue, just a simple “Kelsie DeKarski, will you marry me?” Stunned and overwhelmed with joy, Kelsie could utter nothing but “YES YES YES!” A few spectators applauded, making the moment seem like something out of a movie. And now, their romance has come full circle with their wedding day!

The Harris Company | The Pavilion at Pinehills Golf Club from The Harris Company on Vimeo.



“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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