Priscilla and Mauricio Pt. 1| Classically, Romantic Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor - The Harris Company


Priscilla and Mauricio Pt. 1| Classically, Romantic Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor

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Priscilla and Mauricio Pt. 1| Classically, Romantic Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor

August 19, 2015

Lord Thompson Manor provided the perfect location for Priscilla and Mauricio to prepare for their extravagant day, with the girls at the private cottage house and the men at the manor. Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor Best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Lord-Thompson-Manor-Saratoga-Springs Best-weddng-photography-Boston-Lord-Thompson-manor The-Best-wedding-Photographer-Saratoga-Springs-NY-Boston-Lord-Thompson-Manor

Priscilla’s pre-wedding boudoir session with Intimates by Makayla Jade made the perfect special gift for Mauricio’s eyes only!The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Saratoga-Springs-Lord-Thompson-manor The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Saratoga-Springs-Lord-Thompson-manor

Mauricio was looking super stylish and dapper in this rustic gentleman’s hunt room.

The-Best-wedding-photography-Boston-Albany-Lord-Thompson-manor The-Best-wedding-photography-upstate-NY-Boston-Saratoga-Springs-Lord-Thompson-manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor Best-wedding-photography-upstate-NY-Boston-Lord-Thompson-Manor

Every detail was simple, but strikingly classic. The-best-wedding-photographer-upstate-NY-Boston-Saratoga-Springs-Lord-thompson-manor Best-wedding-photographer-boston-upstate-NY-Saratoga-Springs-Lord-Thompson-manor The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-upstate-NY-Saratoga-Springs-Lord-Thompson-manor

The Cottage House provided an unsurpassed room for the bride and her bridesmaids to prepare.  the-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-albany-Lord-thompson-manor-connecticut

Priscilla’s lace dress was accompanied by the most exquisite accessories. the best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Saratoga-Springs-The Lord-Thompson-manor

To ask each bridesmaid if they would be apart of her special day, Priscilla gifted them with custom monogramed keepsake boxes holding an elegant tea set with fine international teas and a perfectly scripted note.

Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson- Manor the-best-wedding-photography-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Wedding-Photographer-Lord-Thompson-Manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor-The-Best-wedding-photography

A fairytale ride with a beautiful bride, is enough to make every flower girl smile. Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor-Saratoga-springs-upstate-NY Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor-Saratoga-Springs

Priscilla’s niece holds her magnificent veil as she walked to greet Mauricio for their first look.   Boston-Wedding-Photography-lord-Thompson-Manor-The-best-wedding-photographer The-best-wedding-photographer-upstate-Ny-Saratoga-Springs-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor

This couple had such a classic elegance about them, and such a genuine love. The entire day felt like a living fairytale. Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor-The-best-wedding-photographer-Saratoga-Springs The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor The-best-wedding-photographer-upstate-NY-saratoga-Springs-Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor

Boston-Wedding-Photograph- Lord-Thompson-Manor-saratoga-springs The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor

Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor-The-best-wedding-photographer Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor-The-best-wedding-photographer-saratoga-springs The-best-wedding-photographer-saratoga-springs-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor

The ornate, rustic details added so much charm and warmth, which spoke to the true nature of Mauricio and Priscilla’s love.  Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor the-best-wedding-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord Thompson Manor Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor The-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor the-best-wedding-photographer-Boston-Wedding-Photography-Lord-Thompson-Manor

Such an extraordinary couple, only surpassed by their love for one another. Be sure to check back on the blog for more of their epic wedding!

Thanks to the phenomenal creative team:

Venue | Lord Thompson Manor

Flowers | Jackie Silverstein of Lord Thompson Manor

Hair & Make-Up | Priscilla of Kiss Spa

Cake | Alice of The Bean Counter Bakery

DJ | Greg Plowman, Entertainment Concepts

Ceremony Music | Brian Clague, Fensgate Chamber Players

Photography & Cinematography | The Harris Company, Photography + Cinema



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