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7 Ways to Have Killer ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

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7 Ways to Have Killer ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

August 21, 2015

It’s your wedding day and you want everything to be absolutely perfect – who wouldn’t?! You’ve mapped out everything from the dress and tuxes to the flowers and reception menu, but did you think about utilizing time with your photographer to its full potential, (not to mention easing your own stress) to get the best shots to remember your special day?

Here’s a few tips to help ensure that your images are spot-on:

1.  Get ready at the same place as your soon-to-be. This will equate to less travel time for your photographer, allowing more opportunity for photos! 

Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson Manor

2. Choose a getting ready place with lots of space, more light & nice decor.  Many standard hotel rooms have small windows and yellow wall paper – this is the worst combination for your photographer AND makeup artist.  Ask to see the “bridal suite” before you go dumping tons of money on a shabby place! Explore other options: Bed & Breakfast, rent out a private home/ estate? The White Cottage at Lord Thompson Manor is a fantastic example of what to look for. 


3. Offer coffee, water, and beer GLASSES for your wedding party to sip from (instead of having photos cluttered with bottles or styrofoam cups)

4. Getting ready attire (this one has gotten super popular!) is always a nice gift idea.


5. “Getting ready” is not just for the wedding party – invite your close family members to join!  This is the perfect opportunity to get candids with the ones you love. 


6. Set the mood with a little music. Have a fun playlist ready to go to get you and your bridal party or partner pumped (or maybe relaxed) for your big day.  Turn the TV off (no one ever looks good while watching tv)!  Bring a deck of cards for the guys or throwback snapshots of your gals.  This will stir conversation, smiles, and lots of laughs!


7. Have all your details ready and laid out (or designate this task to someone from your bridal party). Maximize your time with your photographer and avoid running around looking for everything. 


These are super easy ways to help you out on your big day. For more tips from the Harris Company, check out our blog.



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