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We're Makayla & Dave Harris - photographers + cinematographers, upstate New York residents, proud parents of two, frequent world travelers, and believers in the importance of both making memories and preserving them forever

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When scrolling through these two’s photos you’ll notice both serious and goofy shots. This is what we loved about them! They made our session with them effortless. Being from out of town, Kate and Chris weren’t certain about what places they wanted to visit while dancing our way through the shoot. Kate was envisioning formal […]

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Marissa and Trey – such a delight! It was immediately obvious that these two were destined to be together and we had so much fun capturing their magnetism. Their vision for their engagement session falls right in line with what they want to see for their wedding – classic elegance with a fun romantic side. […]

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Remember Eliana?! This little model had soooooo much fun during her studio session and we couldn’t help but share more of her cute photos. Most people know us as wedding photographers and cinematographers – which is true!! But, did you know we have a studio space for portraits right in our office?! It’s okay if you […]

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A unique thing about Kelsie and Paul’s wedding day and their relationship is that they bring in family and friends from all parts of the country and world. They’re so excited to bring people together that they have met and known at different in both our lives together on their wedding day to celebrate their love […]

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In our pursuit of supporting local and absolutely falling in love with our little slice of Eastern New York heaven, we have decided to share some of the delights and highlights of Saratoga Springs and why it is an AWESOME place to walk down the aisle and exchange wedding vows. We’re giving you seven reasons […]

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We love a funny, modern day love story and Tyler and Lindsey’s is definitely it! Lindsey’s favorite thing about Tyler? He starts every day with a smile on his face! The two are absolutely meant to be. Tyler says Lindsey is perfect in every single way. He feels she excels with her ride or die attitude […]

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Kate and Kenny met freshman year of college at a party through mutual friends in 2009. After years of friendship and flirtation, Kenny asked Kate out on a date in fall of 2012. They spent a few weeks going on dates before he asked her to be his girlfriend at the Boston Aquarium on New […]

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Last month, we were all about making connections (we still are)! That goes for both our business connections AND our client connections. We want to continually be meeting with the right people and it should not have a start and end date – it should be an ongoing process. About a year back, we wrote […]


“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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