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How to Create Meaningful Engagement Images

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How to make the most of your engagement session 

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How to Create Meaningful Engagement Images

September 19, 2017

Your experience with The Harris Company will always include an engagement session.  It’s the best way for us to get to know one another, get a feel for your natural chemistry, and figure out how we can tell the absolute best version of your story in a way that will last forever.    

The entire experience from session planning, wardrobe styling, on-location shooting, right through the product selection and design process is exciting and fun.  We want to ensure that the photos we create are meaningful and special, so we’ve created a few ways you can help us make the most of this experience!

  1. Choose a location that’s meaningful, not just a pretty place.  An experienced photographer can make just about any location look great.  Rather than focusing on having a pretty background, choose a location that tells your story.  Years from now when you look back on this time, you’ll want it to be about more than just frolicking in the park. How to Create Meaningful Engagement Images | Engagement Session | Engagement Photography | The Harris Co |
  2. Style your wardrobe in a way that fits your personalities.   If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a sundress, embrace your ripped jeans and leather jacket.   Forcing yourself into an outfit that doesn’t feel “you” will only make you uncomfortable and hate the way you look! Let’s stylize a session that allows you to BE YOURSELF and tell a story.How to Create Meaningful Engagement Images | Engagement Session | Engagement Photography | The Harris Co |
  3. DO SOMETHING fun, something you love doing together.  Something that will allow you to actually hold each other close, smile, laugh, and playfully kiss.   You can’t fake natural chemistry, there’s nothing quite like a genuine smile, witnessing pure happiness.    If you’re in an environment and doing something that you really enjoy, those emotions & chemistry will flow naturally and the photos will be more authentic. How to Create Meaningful Engagement Images | Engagement Session | Engagement Photography | The Harris Co |
  4. ALL PINS ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY.   We love using Pinterest to help inspire clients to create a vision for their session, it can be a great tool to think of a few ideas that would fit their personalities.  Keep in mind however, copying the newest quirky way to spell out save the date, will only look tacky and outdated by the time your wedding rolls around.
  5. Its more than just a magnet!  Most couples approach the engagement session with the mindset that they need “just a few good photos for the save the date” but the truth is, the engagement session is SO much more than that.  Its a time when you will embark on one of the biggest adventures of your life.  There will be times of extreme joy, times where the stress level is through the roof, and times when you just want to hold each other and never let go.  These little moments (and how well you deal with them) will define your marriage.  One day you’ll look back on these photos and think “remember the euphoric feeling right after we got engaged, we were so happy & excited, so in love.”  Your love will surely only grow stronger and deeper, but the love you feel at this moment in your engagement will forever make you smile as you remember the energetic love you have for one another.   Think about how you really want to remember this time.  Budget for things like framed prints & engagement albums because if we’ve planned the session appropriately you will fall in love with WAY more than “just a few images” and you’ll want to keep them all. 

And if you need a bit more inspiration, feel free to check out our past Engagement sessions here.



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