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Benefits of a First Look

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Benefits of a First Look

June 21, 2017

Do you know where the idea behind the wedding couple not seeing each other before they walk down the aisle comes from? It was originally created when arranged marriages were typical. Since the bride and groom never met before getting married, the bride’s family wanted to wait until the very last second for the groom to lay eyes on her so that he couldn’t back out of the marriage. And while some brides still want to stick to tradition and not be seen before walking down the aisle, there are quite a few benefits of a First Look. Here are a few:

Tranquil Timelines: Stress less knowing you have the flexibility to take your time getting ready, stretch the opportunity for more beautiful photos, and optimize the convenience for your guests knowing they can flow from sacred ceremony to signature cocktails without interruption.

Benefits of a First Look | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Intimacy: a wedding is a whirlwind of celebrations and emotions. Cherish the time you get to spend together reflecting on the true meaning of your wedding day. It will be just you and your partner during the first look which will probably be one of the only times that you are alone with just the two of you on your big day. It can help calm both of your nerves by having those moments together before heading to the ceremony.

Benefits of a First Look | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Look your Best: Your photos & film will be the heirlooms of remembrance from this special day. Stay dazzling and fresh with pre-ceremony portraits. No need to worry about crying during the ceremony or your makeup wearing off because most of the portraits will already be finished.

Benefits of a First Look | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

EVERLASTING EMOTION: Don’t fret, a first look will never take away from the sanctity & emotion of walking down the aisle, it only amplifies the eagerness and excitement. Not only do you still have all the emotion and excitement, but often times we see that emotion more outwardly expressed because there aren’t all the guests eyes focused on you as it would be when you walk down the aisle.

Benefits of a First Look | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Benefits of a First Look | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Prime Presence: Enjoy mingling with your guests before stepping into your celebration instead of strapping yourself for photo time. A first look allows us to capture the best pictures with your freshly finished hair and makeup so that after the ceremony, you can enjoy the reception right away with all of your guests. You spent so long planning this day- you want to be present whenever possible.

Benefits of a First Look | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Whether you choose to have a first look or stick to tradition, it is always best to discuss this choice with your photographer so that we can come up with the best shooting plan possible. Either way your day is going to be the best day ever!



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