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Filmmakers, Photographers & Cordially Working Together

September 11, 2018

In the Words of a Videographer

What you NEED Photographers to Know

  1. Communication: Reach out before the wedding! We always reach out to photographers we haven’t worked with prior to the big day. If you don’t hear from us “videographers”… take the initiative. Use the call to talk about how you can work together to capture the best possible footage/photos for the couple. 
  2. Audio is king: We’re recording both video AND audio. There are times throughout the day when important dialog is happening. Sometimes planned, sometimes not. Just be cognizant that we might need that audio for the film!
  3. Ask us if we have everything we need before moving details, portrait details, reception details etc. We don’t have the flexibility in post to photoshop, so we often require a little extra time to get our shots perfect. I know, I know we can speak up too! And we should… However, it is a great common courtesy to make sure we have what we need as well before moving on to the next spot. Teamwork makes the dream work.

What You’ve Learned from Him/Her That’s Made you Better at your Job

  1. Try new things. Don’t get stuck in the rut of shooting the same thing over and over. Break the mold. Be creative.
  2. Over communicate. Better safe than sorry.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Work with the goal of providing the best possible product for the couple and you will.

Extra Tips/Advice

A.B.S. No, not Anti-Lock Breaking System. Always Be Smiling. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you but sometimes we get so caught up in the moment we forget to smile.

– Dave

In the Words of a Photographer

What you NEED Videographers to Know

  1. COMMUNICATION IS KEY.  Sometimes our creative visions are not entirely understood by everyone else shooting with us. That doesn’t mean you have to pass up the opportunity to create something great. I’ll often end up saying things like “Hey, I’m going to go super wide for the first few shots and light it from the side, after that- its all yours!”  That’s basically my way of saying, stay out of way for three seconds, and then you can do you 😉
  2. KEEP FOCAL LENGTH IN MIND. As an experienced professional, it should be second nature to understand the focal length of a lens and be accommodating to the other shooters. You’ll often find us asking each other “what are you on”, because if we can’t see what lens the other shooter is using we want to make sure we know how far away we need to be in order to stay out of frame. If the lead photographer is using a 70-200, the filmmaker has the ability to get in closer without walking into the shot. If the lead photographer is shooting on a 24mm, you’ll probably need to be behind that person in order to avoid being in the shot.
  3. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Staying enthusiastic and upbeat (even if things aren’t perfect) is the BEST way to ensure everyone is able to deliver the best possible product for the clients. As much as we want everything to go our way, it’s important to remember the day is not about us, it’s about the couple, so let’s all put on a smile and work together!!

What You’ve Learned from Him/Her That’s Made you Better at your Job

  1. OBSERVE & LEARN! You can learn something from anyone, so even if I’m working with someone that is less experienced, I try to take a moment to observe the way they work or interact with the clients. Inspiration is everywhere so by keeping an open mind sometimes I’m able to pick up a few new tricks!! Plus no one likes working with an arrogant jerk all day #dontbethatguy
  2. FLOW-POSING! Working alongside a video team has helped me keep my posing and chemistry between the couple more authentic. Because the shots for the video need to feel natural, a lot of my still images are captured while the couple is moving or interacting. My work has developed more of a candid, emotional demeanor and I use lighting and composition to elevate the impact of the overall shot.
  3. GET WHAT YOU NEED AND GET OUT. There are certain parts of the day where the video team needs to have a little more control than the photographers (GASP! I said it!) Couples tend to want full video coverage of the ceremony and reception toasts. On the photo side of things during those parts of the day, I really only need a few shots to tell the story. During these times, I will allow the videographer to dictate where he/she wants his cameras set up and I will work around them, take a few shots, get what I need and move out of the way. There is nothing worse than seeing a video of yourself as a photographer and realizing you just parked yourself in the center aisle for 30 minutes OR see your flash going off non-stop during an emotional toast, just littering the film and ruining the impact of a beautiful moment for the couple.


– Makayla



“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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