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Katie & David | Whimsical Wadsworth Mansion Wedding

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Katie & David | Whimsical Wadsworth Mansion Wedding

December 13, 2018

It didn’t take much for these two to fall in love. In fact, all it took was an empty seat at the front of the class during Katie’s first week at The University of Texas. After a few casual conversations, and one very special Valentine’s Day, Katie and David were inseparable.

And despite Katie’s insistence that they stay friends (since she didn’t want to date anyone while in college), their friendship quickly became something more.

Fast forward eight years, 311 days, from moving to Houston after college and then up to Connecticut, and then they found themselves in London. A trip initially booked to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – a shared love between them – turned into a magical “Proposal Day.”

After having been together so long, knowing each other so well, they dreamed up an idea for the two of them to each propose to each other on a set day (after all, it’s a choice they both would be making). The ‘when’ may have been set, but the ‘how’ would be a wonderful surprise for how deeply they each felt about one another.

David began the morning with a prepared series of handwritten notes and clues to take them through London, ending at the Foyle’s bookstore. To make it extra special, David went to the store the day before to place handwritten notes with ribbon in various books that were important to their relationship. He asked the staff to shelve the books around the store for them to find the following day. These notes led them to a quiet corner where he had one last note and a heartwarming proposal.

Katie knew that she wouldn’t be able to make it through her proposal, so she created a special recording months before that included both her question and music that meant something to the both of them. Then, she found the place where all time begins, the Prime Meridian at the Greenwich Observatory. Set inside the park is a tree that overlooks London, a quaint and private spot that they could share together. When the day came, Katie played the audio for David and gave him a watch, asking him to be hers after all this time and always.

And just like that, here they are, almost ten years later, adoring the time they spent with their family, friends and loved ones on their special day.




“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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