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Litsa & Jeremy | A Grand Boston Affair

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Litsa & Jeremy | A Grand Boston Affair

October 4, 2018

Jeremy’s description of his first date with Litsa will make you swoon. He recalls her being captivating, innocent, and absolutely beautiful. He immediately knew she was something and felt differently about her than with anyone. She was different and Jeremy knew he had to hold onto her.

They made plans to get coffee the next week. Starbucks was packed so we grabbed lunch at Jeremy’s favorite eatery from back in college. They both got turkey clubs and talked for hours and hours until the restaurant closed. Not wanting the day to end, they went to a nightclub and danced all night – Jeremy recalls being very impressed with Litsa’s dancing prowess.

Four years later, Jeremy was ready to ask Litsa to be with him forever. He went and bought the ring, asked her father for his blessing, and booked a trip to Cancun, Mexico. The resort they were staying at had a professional photographer in the lobby when they arrived (how perfect?!)… So, Jeremy grabbed the opportunity and joked with Litsa that they should hire him. “It’d be fun… and pretty funny.” A few hours later (and a few more drinks later), he booked it nonchalantly by saying, “It’ll be a good way to remember a great vacation.” The day of the shoot, Litsa had asked Jeremy about her outfit selection, “Do you think this looks okay?” He stopped, picked his jaw up off the floor and proceeded to tell her, “Yea, that’ll work. You look stunning.” And stunning she was…

Leading up to their engagement, he had practiced what he was going to say and even how he was going to kneel to keep his balance. The time had come and he remembers being extremely nervous… They made their way to the beach with the photographer, he got down on one knee and proclaimed his love to Litsa. The rest is history!! (She, of course, said yes!)




“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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