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Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat!

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Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat!

May 17, 2017

As a Bride-to-Be planning and preparing for your wedding, you probably come up with at least 10 ‘what-ifs’ every hour of the day. We’re here to help ease your mind a little and let you know just what you can expect us to do to make your big day a little less stressful. We want you to be able to enjoy the big day, not just plan it!

We often have our new couples asking: What if you’ve never shot at our location?

Below, we’ve outlined 3 easy things you can do to help us deliver the wedding photos of your dreams, especially if you have chosen a location that we have’t had the opportunity to photograph yet!

Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat! | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Tip 1: Choose Your Venue First

Don’t worry about trying to choose a venue that we have already photographed! But please do have your wedding venue picked out before our consultation. As creative artists, we ADORE photographing new venues and locations. The new perspective keeps us on our toes creatively. However, we do like to know the location in advance, so we can reach out to your venue and introduce ourselves ahead of time and make sure everyone is working together to make your day a big success.

Tip 2: Walk Through of Location (leave it up to us, or join in the fun!)

Since you already have your venue picked out, you can also let us know any special spots at the location that you want us to feature in your pictures. If you’re getting married at a location that has a unique layout or obscure landscaping, we will plan to setup a walk through with your venue coordinator prior to your wedding day.  It’s not necessary for you to be present for this meeting (we know you already have a million wedding planning meetings to attend!) but we always love to see our couples so it’s totally up to you!

Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat! | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co | Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat! | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Tip 3: Relax and Enjoy Your Day

Relax, we’re professionals. Send any questions or concerns our way and we’ll do our best to answer or solve the issues before your big day. Part of our job is to make sure you enjoy the day. We can’t take great wedding portraits of an unhappy bride! (I mean, we could, but who would want to see that?)

What if the photographers get lost trying to find the venue?

We won’t, we will make sure we’re familiar with where we are going, where we need to park, and how to get to the right areas. And if we have already done a walk through – we have been there before!

What if the photographers can’t get the picture to work out?

We got this! We are always sure to bring any extra lens, step stools, and/or a light kit that could possibly be needed to capture your requested images. *If it’s something seriously impossible, we’ll use our creative artist super powers to find an extra special shot to make up for it – promise!

What if I find a great spot for a photo the day of the wedding?

Let us capture it! Since we will have done tons of pre-planning for all the other spots, we will have a timeline laid out so we can keep everyone on track that way your guests aren’t kept waiting for the reception to begin. And in our timeline, we’re always sure to save some wiggle room for a few extra last minute spots and/or any little hiccups that may arise.

Seriously, we’ve got you covered. Relax and enjoy your day. It’s going to be awesome!

Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat! | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |

Tips for Brides: New Locations, No Sweat! | Wedding Tips | The Harris Co |



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