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Tips for a Joyful & Meaningful Wedding Day

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Tips for a Joyful & Meaningful Wedding Day

June 16, 2017

STUNNING IMAGERY is born when remarkable stories, joyful emotion and the anticipation of the perfect moment collide. Well thought-out details (like stationary, jewelry, and family heirlooms) tell the story of your day. Keep everything in one place so your creative team knows exactly what you’ll want documented. Below our our best tips for a Joyful & Meaningful Wedding Day.

Tips for a Joyful Meaningful Wedding Day | Wedding Day Tips | The Harris Co |

Serene Scenes: The photos & video of your morning preparations set the scene for your wedding story. Ask your maids & men to help keep the room tidy and clear from distractions. Consider having an adjoining space or secondary room for larger groups.

Prompt Promising: Provide a healthy cushion of extra time for activities like hair & makeup and transportation to avoid feeling rushed and overworked.

Embrace the Unexpected: the real beauty of a wedding day is allowing it to unfold naturally. The flower girl may not make it down the aisle, one of your maids might break a heel, the mother of the groom may cry herself into a puddle before portraits. These become part of the story, and allowing yourself to embrace (and expect!) these imperfect moments will make for a much more enjoyable, stress free day.

Present & Unplugged: Allow yourself to be present and phone-free on your wedding day, and encourage your guests to do the same. Ask your officiant to kindly mention to your guests to be present in the joy and emotion of your day by keeping their phones tucked away during the procession & ceremony. This will ensure we get a beautiful clean shot of you walking down the aisle without any leaning guests and glowing cell phones. Some couples also find it helpful to place a framed note at the entrance of the ceremony location as a reminder.

Tips for a Joyful Meaningful Wedding Day | Wedding Day Tips | The Harris Co |

Short & Sweet: Be sure to let your parents and guests of honor (Maid & Best Man) know that their toasts will be recorded and used as the narration of your wedding film. We find its best if they have something prepared ahead of time and keep the length under 3 minutes. In addition, while hints of sarcasm and inside jokes help shake things up, it’s important to balance the humor with thoughtful sentiments.

Dance the Night Away: Don’t let the day escape you, get on the dance floor! While you may feel obligated to catch up with every long-distance relative, or micro manage the coordination of the evening, remember this day is meant to be a celebration. Let loose and join your guests on the dance floor as a couple. These will be some of your most favorite photos & clips from the entire day.

Tips for a Joyful Meaningful Wedding Day | Wedding Day Tips | The Harris Co |

Gratitude & Grace: Many moving parts made this meaningful day possible, and its nice to show grace and gratitude for your parents, grandparents, the guests that are present to share in this special day, and anyone else you feel thankful for. While it may not be possible to greet and thank every guest or table individually, as a welcome toast or closing remarks, you can express your gratefulness together as newlyweds.



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