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What to Wear for your Engagement Session

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How to make the most of your engagement session 

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What to Wear for your Engagement Session

November 3, 2016

One of the top questions we field after booking a wedding client is how to prepare for the engagement session and that usually starts with, “what should we wear?!”   We brought in style-expert Randi Poillon for a few insider tips:


As a stylist, I am constantly tasked with finding wardrobe for photoshoots, both lifestyle and editorial.  When I am out on my search, the same questions always come into play: who am I shopping for, what is the occasion/scene, and how will the pieces translate in a photograph?  Finding clothing that photographs well can sometimes be a more daunting task than one would expect, and I have a few tricks that I like to follow to make sure my clients are always loving their outfits in their photos as much as they do in person.

1. All about proportions- if you are currently coveting a chunky turtleneck sweater with a billowy blanket scarf as much as I am, wear it all fall long, but seriously reconsider it for your photoshoot.  Open necklines are a much safer choice, and keep you safe from the always undesirable floating head photo.  If you are going oversized on top, stick with skinny jeans, or a cigarette pant to balance out the look.  On the flip side, if you prefer a wide leg pant, tuck in a fitted ribbed sweater to cinch the waist and wear a pointy toed shoe to play with angles.
2. Be conscious of patterns- patterns can be our best friend or our worst nightmare when it comes to photos.  A pattern that is drop dead amazing in person but too intricate can wind up looking a little funky, and result in a less than desirable photo.  Be aware of how busy the pattern is and where it falls on your body.  Patterns can make even the tiniest of figures appear larger if not chosen properly.
3. Pick a focal point- if you have a pair of fantastic shoes that you want to showcase, or a bright colored sport jacket, keep the rest of the look more on the simple side to allow that item to really stand out.
4. Be coordinated, not “matchy matchy”- if you are shooting as a pair, make sure your outfits pair well, have a common theme, and don’t clash. This does not mean wear identical outfits, or search every store both physical and online until you find his and hers sweaters in the same shade of emerald.
5. Be comfortable- it is always okay to step outside of your comfort zone a little, especially to elevate your shoot, but if you are not comfortable in your wardrobe it will absolutely show in your photos.
Hopefully you find these hacks helpful and  they will have you feeling more confident when venturing out to find the perfect looks for your upcoming shoot.  Happy shopping!!


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