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Competition as a Creative

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Competition as a Creative

April 27, 2017

insirational quotes for entrepreneurs Competition?  Creativity?  Community?  How does it all blend together?  How do I survive in an idea-sharing world without getting burnt out?!

Have you ever felt so excited and passionate about a project you were working on, just to find out a week later someone in your market copied the whole dang thing, and just posted it to the ‘gram?!

This happens in the creative world all. the. time.  And it hits you harder than a brick to the gut.   Like an emotional roller-coaster, you’re furious, flattered, and fuming in a matter of 5 seconds flat. Competition as a creative is tough.

What do you do?!   Breath.  Walk away for a few minutes.  Listen to a little Dr. Dre, and then get your pen out because THIS is the defining moment that separates an entrepreneur from an entrepre-NEVER.


In the world of creative business, when you’ve found something that works, it’s easy to leave it there as long as possible, ride the gravy train.  But if you let an idea become complacent, it just fades over time.  And in any artistic business, complacency is basically suicide.  So be THANKFUL for these copy-cat creeps.

insirational quotes for entrepreneurs

I mean come on, can we all admit that we’ve done it ourselves in some form or another?  I’m totally guilty of it.   You’re just starting out, you see this industry leader crushing it every day, you want what they have so you take their ideas with hopes that you’ll have the same success.  Who can blame you?  In a creative world, there is a fine line being inspired by those around us and being a total knock-off.

So take it easy on the little fella, they’re probably not out to harm you.

What they lack is the ability to think for themselves.  They are too worried about what everyone else is doing to really focus on what will work best for their own business.   I challenge you to curb your evil eyes, and help them.  Help build them up and find themselves.  Show them that there IS room for everyone here, and they have something they could offer to their clients that’s even BETTER than what you offer, because you each have your differences, and embracing that will allow you to each serve your clients better.  That is a beautiful thing. Not everyone will see it that way but that’s okay too.  They can continue to run around in circles chasing everyone elses dream until their face turns blue.  You see it, and soon everyone else will too.

A business that fails to properly communicate a competitive advantage will soon drown in a sea of relentless waves. 

Be that relentless wave. 

xoxo Makayla Jade

Have a business question? Need a little inspirational kick in the butt?  Comment below or shoot us an email: info(@) and we’ll help you knock it out of the park so you can be on to your next big thannng.  You deserve it.



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