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Honoring Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day πŸ’•

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Honoring Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day πŸ’•

April 29, 2020

Your Wedding Day is easily one of the happiest, most memorable days you will ever experience along side the ones that mean the absolute most to you. With that being said, we know how heart breaking it is to say “I Do” without the presence of your loved ones who have passed away before your big day. Although this is a very emotional situation, there are many ways that you can honor their memory on your Wedding Day. Whether you celebrate a the passing of someone close to you in a big way or chose a more subtle route, we wanted to share some ways you can incorporate their memory into such an important day.

Make A Toast In Their Memory. πŸ₯‚

Since toasts are a must at most Weddings, adding a meaningful toast in for a loved one is an amazing way to celebrate their life! This gives everyone a feeling of togetherness, and allows an emotional moment for everyone. πŸ’•

A Song In Remembrance. 🎢

This is a unique way we have seen many couples honoring loved ones on their Wedding Day! Whether you simply add a song to your playlist that this person loved, or have a song written in their remembrance, this will be a moment you and your guests will hold near and dear to your hearts forever

Set Up A Memory Table. πŸ˜‡

We’ve seen this idea several times throughout the years, and it never fails to melt our hearts. ❀️ This is the perfect way to show off your most memorable moments with loved ones who have passed away. Gather your favorite photos, pick out a variety of frames that go with your decor, and simply set up a display of your favorite memories.

A Moment Of Silence. πŸ’•

There’s no doubt that your Wedding Day will be jam packed with smiles, laughs, and high energy all around. Taking a moment of silence in honor of someone who has passed is a thoughtful way to reminisce on their life with your guests, and truly feel their presence on your big day.

Incorporate Their Memory Into Your Bouquet. πŸ’

We absolutely love when our beautiful brides honor their loved ones in this way. By simply pinning a small photo or even a quote to your bouquet in remembrance, it will be a constant reminder that your lost loved one is right there by your side. This will also be an item that you can hold onto long after your wedding day πŸ’•



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