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Inspiration: How to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Day Using Pinterest

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Inspiration: How to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Day Using Pinterest

September 28, 2015

Pinterest has taken wedding preparation and planning to a whole new level, and is one of the most common wedding planning tools used by brides and grooms, and why not? You get to create pretty boards of images/articles for every aspect of your wedding day.

It’s so common for clients to send us images and ideas from Pinterest that they want recreated.20150828-164942-MulcahyAnd I say, recreation specifically because therein lies the problem. RE-Creating. Boston Wedding Photography Lord Thompson ManorInstead of moments that are real and truly unique to each couple, photographers are often asked to replicate other people’s memories, and Pinterest is helping normalize the practice.Strock-081614-194825So how can you use such a great tool to inspire your next photo session?the_harris_company_047Think inspiration, not replication. Create a board that provides the mood you would like to capture. Perhaps you want a more urban feel to your photos, so you develop a board with similar photos below – couples by skyscrapers, bright colors, or busy paved streets.Knight-053115-095148


Apelian-072514-175800…or maybe you want a very rustic feel. Collect images of the weddings in the countryside…Danna-042615-170753or maybe even wildflowers or a vineyard.Scaringe-092714-180100Ask why. When you see an image that you love, ask yourself why you love it and note it on the image in Pinterest. Perhaps it’s the pose of the couple that catches your attention.20150725-194050-MooreOr maybe it’s the details of the bridesmaids’ bouquet…20150828-174554-Mulcahyor the fact that it’s an ocean sunset.Sheehan-3816pAll of these ideas will help me develop a vision of what you expect out of your session without losing your personality and the natural chemistry between you and your fiance.

For some additional tips on how to utilize Pinterest to its full potential and avoid recreating someone else’s memories, check out this blog post by Kate McElwee:



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