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Intimate Oceanside Wedding at Regatta Place in Newport, RI

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Intimate Oceanside Wedding at Regatta Place in Newport, RI

September 29, 2015

We had such a blast working with Tim and Casey on their special day! It was so unique and so beautiful – there were little bits of rustic, nautical details, paired with sheer elegance! Wait until you see Casey’s dress! It was all simply amazing!

We started of the day checking in with the guys at the driving range, and it couldn’t have been a nicer day for it! Tim was so at ease and relaxed, you could just tell he was confident about how perfect his big day was going to be!082915-112548-Murray082915-111407-MurrayMeanwhile, back at the hotel, the girls were getting ‘beautified’ by the fabulous Jennifer Clark (on hair) and Jennifer Hodge of Spectrum Makeup Artistry.082915-120157-Murray 082915-121734-MurrayA little glitz and glam sprinkled through Casey’s dress and shoes.082915-121537-Murray082915-122736-MurrayThese ‘Thank Yous’ were too cute! They had the same rustic, elegance that carried throughout the day, and the best part – this couple made them!082915-122032-MurrayThe girls and Casey’s mom helped her into herJustin Alexander dress – wait until you see the detail!!082915-131106-MurrayCasey was looking so elegant and her accessories complimented her unique dress to a T. 082915-131258-Murray Now that they were both looking their best, we headed outdoors for their first look. Tim was definitely anxious to see how gorgeous his future wife looked. 082915-134503-Murray Look at this dress!!! I was in love! Lace is so classic and beautiful, but this dress stuck out in its simplicity. It created this awesome graceful glow when Casey stepped into the sunlight – purely incredible!082915-135111-Murray 082915-135154-MurrayI was in love with Tim’s reaction in this one! 082915-135252-Murray082915-135130-MurrayTime for the full on twirl to see just how truly amazing Casey looked.082915-135142-Murray082915-140527-Murray 082915-140228-MurrayAfter their first look, the trolley dropped them off to take a scenic stroll through the most quaint part of town, which was so much fun and super sweet. 082915-154628-Murray082915-155241-MurrayA quick pit-stop at the pub!082915-151956-MurrayThis bridal party was a BLAST! They had us all cracking up. It was hard to believe we got everyone to hold a serious pose for this one! 082915-153553-MurrayIt was about time to head to the ceremony location and these guys were pumped.082915-154231-Murray  A quick stop on the way to seize the photo opportunity because how could you drive past this place and NOT!?!082915-161548-Murray Seriously?! Just look at Casey! She’s absolutely stunning!082915-161742-Murray Getting married by the ocean makes for a totally romantic wedding day, but this was so much cooler! Tim and Casey literally got married ON the ocean! Still keeping that rustic, intimate feel of their day, this was such a unique and totally awesome location for their ceremony!082915-164205-Murray082915-164244-Murray Tim was ready and beaming as he walked down the aisle to wait for his bride.082915-173921-Murray The way Casey’s dress moved as she walked down the aisle was simply breathtaking. 082915-174218-Murray And one of the best moments of a wedding – the groom’s face as his bride comes down the aisle. blog-082915-174339-Murray082915-175013-Murray082915-175058-MurrayA big “we did it!” and this couple was off to celebrate!082915-175203-Murray The tablescapes were so intimate and fit perfectly with the romance of the night. The beautiful flowers, provided by Mitch Check of Check the Florist, complimented the rustic, ocean-side feel of the wedding.082915-180903-Murray 082915-180831-MurrayGuests were greeted with these rustic, nautical seating tags which were absolutely adorable and quite fitting!082915-164613-Murray082915-180821-MurrayThe sun was low in the sky just as cocktail hour hit, and the ocean breeze kept everyone excited to continue the celebration.082915-181347-Murray082915-180327-Murray082915-181319-MurrayThe cupcake display by Silver Spoon Bakery was to die for! I think our whole team and all of the guests were drooling while their delicious smell carried through the entire venue!082915-164007-Murray While cocktail hour started, Tim and Casey snuck away for a private moment to enjoy the ocean sunset. I know I keep saying it, but look at that dress!082915-183551-Murray 082915-183556-Murray082915-183914-MurrayThe bride and groom have arrived and now it was time to get this party started. 082915-191542-Murray Their first dance was so sweet and so fitting for their personalities. 082915-191642-Murray082915-191913-MurrayThe speeches were definitely some of the best I have heard this year, both hilarious and touching.082915-192616-Murray082915-192836-MurrayVictor Rodrigues and his band of Victor Events were awesome and so much fun! They were the best of both worlds – DJ and live band! They had the place up and dancing immediately and it just set the mood for the night. 082915-210936-Murray (deleted 9272df54eb55787f02ccccc78175e413)082915-193327-Murray082915-201028-MurrayThings slowed down a bit for a completely sweet father-daughter dance that had everyone smiling at this beautiful bride…082915-210056-Murrayand her charming husband dancing with his mom.  082915-210346-MurrayThen it was time to taste those delicious cupcakes!082915-205845-MurrayAs the music kept everyone dancing, Mother Nature gave Tim and Casey a little surprise for their wedding day. Everyone that stepped outside of the tent couldn’t help but notice the incredible moon -it was definitely a topic of the night!   082915-193439-Murray 082915-194039-Murray An alumni photo under that gorgeous moonlight!082915-211924-MurrayThis bridal party knew how to party and danced the night away!082915-201015-Murray082915-204858-Murray 082915-205540-Murray

The creative team was simply awesome to work with. Incredible thanks to them all:Ceremony Coorindation: Maggie, The Regatta Place/The Newport Experience

DJ/ Band | Victor Rodrigues, Victor EventsMake-Up Artist | Jennifer Hodge, Spectrum Makeup Artistry



“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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