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Chic, Vintage Engagement Session at Albany International Airport

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Chic, Vintage Engagement Session at Albany International Airport

September 30, 2015

This session completely swept me off my feet with romance! I thought I was reliving the movie Pearl Harbor. It was romantic; it was chic; it was sexy; it was simply incredible! Ashley and Cory were so much fun and completely knocked this one out of the park!

We started off our adventure into a field by Albany International Airport which ended up being the perfect spot to watch these two work their magic. 092415-171429-Kitto 092415-171555-Kitto092415-171615-Kitto The footing was a little less than ideal, so Cory being the super awesome guy that he is, escorted his future bride by piggyback! 092415-172758-Kitto I seriously couldn’t get over how sweet this couple was together. 092415-173447-Kitto092415-172802-Kitto 092415-172950-Kitto092415-173719-KittoThis flyby couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time! 092415-173728-Kitto  And when you find an abandoned tractor in a field, you’ve gotta take advantage! 092415-174340-Kitto092415-174544-Kitto And Ashley’s gorgeous ring – Cory told me it was one of the fastest purchases he had ever made. He saw it and just knew. 092415-174922-Kitto blog-092415-175006-KittoAfter our fun adventure through the uncharted territory of the abandoned field, it was off to get up close and personal with some planes! Ashley blew me away when she stepped out in this white dress! 092415-182357-KittoThey looked like movie stars! 092415-183700-Kitto-2092415-183243-KittoEvery image was super chic and super sexy! I couldn’t get over it!092415-183514-Kitto-2I mean look at Ashley! I feel like I should add that she managed to create her super chic hair in all of  about 2 seconds! I was thoroughly impressed and jealous! 092415-184131-Kitto-2092415-183138-Kitto-2 Everything about this session created this ultra dramatic, romantic feel – the clothes, the plane, the sunset, even the sunglasses! This couple had it all!blog-092415-183527-Kitto-2092415-183243-Kitto-2    If you weren’t already a hopeless romantic, you will be after seeing this session!20150924-182516-Kitto-2A huge congratulations to Ashley and Cory! We can’t wait to work with you guys next year on your big day! A big thank you goes out to Tim West for the use of his awesome plane.

A big thank you goes out to this team:

Hair | Alexandria Cook, Alexandria’s Beauty Salon

Makeup | Rachel Skliutas, Alexandria’s Beauty Salon

Location |  Million Air Staff, Albany International Airport

Plane Owner | Tim West




“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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