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Jess & Gio | Romantic, Flirtacious Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor

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Jess & Gio | Romantic, Flirtacious Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor

October 12, 2015

Jess & Gio are the ultimate power couple and as cute as they come! Their love story, well, they certainly believe it was fate and given the circumstances, I don’t see how you could argue it. Gio even boasts that Jess is his good luck charm. This couple has endured love across continents to only come out stronger!

Their day started out at the amazing Lord Thompson Manor, where details are impeccable and always get better as the day goes on!blog-20150919-110859-RoccaroJess and her bridesmaids enjoyed some champagne and lunch at the Cottage House, while Priscilla from Lord Thompson Manor did their hair and make-up. 20150919-123402-Roccaro 20150919-124555-Roccaro20150919-121003-Roccaro20150919-121008-Roccaro20150919-123644-RoccaroJess’s soft pink, laced dress by Callie Tein, Modern Trousseau, was completely unique and absolutely breathtaking! blog-20150919-130856-Roccaro20150919-131551-Roccaro20150919-131457-RoccaroAnd check out these shoes!!!!  Who doesn’t have shoe envy after seeing these?!?! 20150919-123136-Roccaro20150919-131402-RoccaroJess looked amazing. I don’t know if I could pull together fun and flirty, but still be so sophisticated and romantic. blog-20150919-131931-RoccaroA letter to her mom and dad…20150919-133039-Roccaro and some totally beautiful moments with them. blog-20150919-132406-Roccaro20150919-132610-RoccaroThe bridesmaids dressed in navy blue held soft-pink, rose bouquets which totally complimented Jess in every way.20150919-130755-RoccaroMeanwhile, back at the manor…20150919-111151-RoccaroThe tables were set and looking unbelievable.20150919-110520-Roccaro 20150919-110703-RoccaroA variety of pinks carried through the entire manor, bringing such a sweet, romantic feel to the entire venue. 20150919-162522-Roccaro 20150919-162503-RoccaroGio read his note from Jess,blog-20150919-115350-Roccaroand passed some time with a little pool. 20150919-152750-Roccaro20150919-152226-RoccaroHow fantastic are the pink accents in Gio’s suit?! AND their initials in his jacket lining! So perfect!20150919-140231-RoccaroOnto their first look in the garden. 20150919-140012-Roccaro 20150919-141027-Roccaro Parents and the bridal party watched from the balcony. So sweet.20150919-141042-Roccaro20150919-141045-Roccaro 20150919-141132-Roccaro A tender moment between Gio and Jess. 20150919-141405-Roccaro 20150919-141718-Roccaro 20150919-141758-Roccaro 20150919-145424-Roccaro20150919-145152-Roccaro20150919-142530-Roccaro We decided to take a walk through the grounds of the manor, and stumbled across this gorgeous path in the woods. Jess did it all in those fabulous Louis Vutton! Not only is she beautiful, but fierce! The walk turned out to be totally worth it!blog-20150919-144010-Roccaro20150919-143258-Roccaro 20150919-144335-Roccaro  Jess certainly succeeded in finding the perfect guy to sweep her off her feet. 20150919-183248-Roccaro Now it was time to make it official!20150919-161244-Roccaro20150919-171100-Roccaro20150919-171618-RoccaroThe rings.20150919-172531-Roccaro 20150919-172301-Roccaro 20150919-172050-Roccaro20150919-172808-Roccaro20150919-172836-Roccaro Toasts from the balcony were funny, beautiful and moving. 20150919-174244-Roccaro20150919-173656-Roccaroblog-20150919-173417-RoccaroCheers from above!20150919-174445-RoccaroDuring cocktail hour, we just had to have some fun with these giant balloons! How could you not?!blog-20150919-170649-Roccaro20150919-155924-Roccaro20150919-155732-Roccaro20150919-160156-RoccaroThe guests of honor arrived and it was time to dance!20150919-201003-Roccaro20150919-201253-Roccaro20150919-201011-Roccaro Completely sweet parent dances.20150919-201412-Roccaro20150919-201701-Roccaro Lord Thompson Manor knows how to do details, so it was no surprise that the dinner tables were absolutely amazing! 20150919-110738-Roccaro20150919-110712-Roccaro20150919-110459-RoccaroTheir own private dinner party. 20150919-191105-RoccaroNight Shift Entertainment totally rocked it! This band was incredible – talented and so much fun!20150919-203553-Roccaro20150919-204737-Roccaro

This couple was too sweet and so much fun! We had a blast celebrating with them and their closest friends and family.

A huge thank you goes out to this all-star creative team:Venue Coordinator | Danielle, Lord Thompson ManorGown Boutique | Callie Tein, Modern TrousseauCinema + Photography | The Harris Company



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