Marionette Styled Shoot by Makayla Jade | Paper Series - The Harris Company


Marionette Styled Shoot by Makayla Jade | Paper Series

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Marionette Styled Shoot by Makayla Jade | Paper Series

January 29, 2016

Sometimes when your passion becomes your career, you get caught up in the business side of things and lose track of the driving force behind what you do.  For me, its important to regenerate that drive every once in a while so I can stay on top of my game, keep my clients happy, and keep my passion a passion (instead of just a job).

I’ve been struggling with this desire to shoot boudoir that isn’t “boudoir”.  From a professional standpoint, there are a lot of photographers that shoot boudoir, and not all of it is tasteful, or captivating, and thats not me. Then from a client side of things, theres sometimes this “taboo” feeling towards “boudoir photography” like it has to be overly sexualized or sultry, which also isn’t me.  I wanted to find a way to redefine how many people perceive this type of photography by designing a shoot that had an editorial/ high fashion vibe.  Unique hair and make-up, wardrobe that was edgy, sexy, and not just your typical lingerie, as well as deliver a message. Ive found that all too often we are swayed by the media, or popular blogs, or Pinterest, by what this style of photography “should be”, we become”puppeted”.   As soon as we get lost in whats “trendy”, we’ve lost ourself. 

I tried to stretch outside my comfort zone on the technical aspect here quite a bit too, using harsh lighting, lots of shadows, dark spaces, backlighting, video LED lighting.  I find its vital to do this every once in a while in order to keep growing, keep learning.

This shoot would not have been possible without the insanely talented creatives we had on board. This collaboration was amazing, and I am so thankful to everyone who not only committed to this, but really gave it their all. 

Photography | Makayla Jade of The Harris Company

Video | Dave Harris of Harris Films, and The Harris Company | Jeremy Raco of AGL Studios // Aerial Cinema

Styling | Yvonne S. McEachron of Layered Design

Behind the Scenes Photos | Theresa Marie

Hair and Make-up | Lissa Iovinella Kutanella, Julie Occhino of Beauty with Julie and Erin Muller

Models | Bethany Slade, Chelsea Chudolij, Karah Gavitt, Erin Muller


Projects like this are fun for me, I love collaborating with new people, I truly believe you can learn something from everyone, and this is the best way to do that.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by the blog to check out this series.  I’m sure there will be more to come!  If you’re a photographer, I’d love some feedback on what you think, if you’re just here for the pretty ladies, be sure to give them a shout out in the comments. 

Until next time,

Makayla Jade

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