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Radiant & Classy Manor Wedding | Lindsey & Tyler

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Radiant & Classy Manor Wedding | Lindsey & Tyler

July 16, 2018

We love a funny, modern day love story and Tyler and Lindsey’s is definitely it! Lindsey’s favorite thing about Tyler? He starts every day with a smile on his face! The two are absolutely meant to be. Tyler says Lindsey is perfect in every single way. He feels she excels with her ride or die attitude – it makes him feel super connected to her, her intelligence,  how cute she is (butterflies), that she can adapt to any situation and her emotional intelligence. Needless to say… swooonnnn.

Tyler and Lindsey gave us a timeline of how the two of them first met and needless to stay… it’s pretty adorable.Setting the stage: Tyler is single and living in Stamford, CT. Lindsey is single and living in NYC … with intentions of moving to Stamford. In fact, she was looking at apartments earlier this very day…

7:05 PM: Lindsey leaves for dinner with a “friend” whom she met while looking for an apartment in Stamford earlier in the day.

8:07 PM: Tyler is sick but cracks his first cheap, light beer anyways, knowing he can’t be sober when the girls show up. Did I mention that by some grace of God Tyler and his roommate convinced eight girls to come over?

8:18 PM: Lindsey learns the “friend” she met up with wants to be more than friends. Abort mission. Lindsey texts her friend Lauren to save her.

9:32 PM: Tyler has consumed roughly his body weight in beer that he should have stopped drinking in college and enough shots to kill a small to medium sized army.

9:34 PM: Lauren shows up to the restaurant where Lindsey and “the guy who never stood a chance” are to derail this train wreck once and for all.

10:17 PM: Tyler, his roommate, and the girls climb into Ubers to head to Hudson Grille in Stamford. Think: Night at the Roxbury meets frat party.

10:22 PM: Lindsey and Lauren decide to hit the town for a much-needed girls night. Because the heck with dudes. They head to Hudson Grille. Lindsey sees Tyler and mentions in passing to Lauren: “He’s cute.”

10:39 PM: Tyler goes to buy shots and awkwardly makes conversation with the girl next to him. Said female responds “Sorry, you’re a bit young” to which Tyler responds “Aren’t you a little old to be here?”

Also 10:39 PM: Lindsey overhears Tyler saying this to the random female. She thinks “oh jeeze” … but still cute.

11:01 PM: Tyler consumes the aforementioned shot … he is starting to spiral into the abyss.

11:07 PM: Lauren pokes Tyler in the back.

Also 11:07 PM: Tyler turns around … and sees Lindsey (Lauren, the gracious wing woman, made herself disappear after said poke). He begins drunkenly rambling to her about such things as being from “NASCAR country Connecticut.” She is unimpressed, but still thinks he’s cute. Most importantly, drunken Tyler still remembering his swing and miss from earlier in the evening lies about his age to seem cooler and more sophisticated: “I’m 29.” (He is 24 at the time.)

11:15 PM: Lindsey leaves, but before she does Tyler gets her number. She thinks that’s weird. The next day: After Tyler texts Lindsey, his age comes up again. Tyler takes a poll of his roommates as to whether he should continue being “29” or tell the truth. He tells the truth and for some reason, she isn’t turned off by his lying ways. Probably because she thinks he’s cute. I’d love to say the rest is history but it really isn’t. It involves a lot of Tyler spitting game on text message and trying to remember what Lindsey looks like. After a few weeks, the two finally have their first date in the City … but not before Lindsey plays her first (bad) joke by “canceling” while Tyler is on the train. Of course, she was kidding and it was the best night of their lives. Ok, maybe Tyler was a bit intimidated by Lindsey sending the glass of wine back because it wasn’t from New Zealand. She still thought he was cute.



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