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Why We’re Actually Obsessed with Photos of our Dog

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Why We’re Actually Obsessed with Photos of our Dog

August 23, 2018

It is OFFICIALLY National Dog Day on Sunday, August 26, and we thought we would give our furry friends some well-deserved recognition! It’s no secret that social media and its users just LOVE photos of pets and all things furry – so we figured we would contribute to your feed!

>> REASON 1<<

Um, the cuteness!

#NationalDogDay will for sure be trending this Sunday and we cannot wait to see what scrolling social media has in store for us. This past Tuesday we had the absolute BEST time capturing photos of our furry friends. We had our friends over at Bella & Lindy join us for a fun, fetch-filled pop-up shop with doggy items galore!

“Any chance I get to have a professional photographer capture Mack – I don’t walk, I run to book it! We all take pictures of our dogs with our phones (I take them for my clients all day), but there is something about the way a photographer can capture the glimmer in their eye, or the little whiskers on their chin, or even the way their ears perk up at the word “cookie”. It’s really special and I love looking at the pictures that line my walls and bookshelves of Mack – each and every one is tied to a memory, at time in both of our lives, where we were growing and learning together.”

– Courtney Gelish, Unleashed Canine Care

We were able to witness first hand the love and joy an owner has when showing off their good boys and girls. I mean they’re so nice to look at, right? The photos speak for themselves!

>>REASON 2<<

They’re literally our best friends! We MUST show them off. They also give the best hugs (see below!).

“Thank you guys for including us in your pet portrait event! Your photos really captured the love people have for their dogs! People just don’t own a dog anymore, it’s not a pet is a true member of the family! Dogs give people unconditional love and at the end of the day, your dog knows what you look like when you wake up and even supports you in a very dog way when you’ve hit a rough patch without judgment. I think that’s why people love photos of their dogs so much! It’s an undeniable bond that we get to see every day at the boutique! We really love being apart of the Saratoga dog community and offering pet parents knowledge amazing service with great products for their fur children!” 

– Jill Rodriguez, Bella & Lindy

>>REASON 3<<

A family portrait would simply not be complete without them!




“Makayla and Dave are exceptional at what they do. If you want your relationship, family, and self captured in a beautiful series of unique photographs that tell a story - that is what they will give you.”

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